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Saturday, 27 July 2013

To the Little Fluffy monsters that live in my head

Years ago a local Welsh company got warned to change the name of their "Dragon Sausages" because it could mislead customers and confuse them about the origin of the meat.
You may not believe it, but I found the article (link).
I thought that it was brilliant!
 This evidence revamped  my believes that there must be some dragons, hidden somewhere...not just in my head.

Having said that, last week I called a local Taxi. 
The company is called Dragon Taxis so my expectations were high (link).
I was disappointed when I saw that they sent me a car and not an actual dragon.

The cab driver said that the dragon temporarily unavailable: it was sent to a garage for the annual revision, so I still believe that dragons do exist.
Space Ducks "fighting all the evil" exist too (ask Daniel Johnston), as well as the Susuwataries that appear in many Miyazaky's movies.

I have a scientific mind, but I remember that when I was a kid I always wanted to find acceptable explanations for phenomena that I could not understand.
Someone once told me that shooting stars were angels throwing away their cigarette butts before God could catch them smoking.

Fascinating explanation. More interesting than "visible path of a meteoroid that burns as it enters the atmosphere".  
What explanation do you prefer?
Are you also starting to wish that dragons exist?