Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wedding Preparation: Fatti Processinare!

The big day is getting closer.....
The good thing about the wedding is that the husband's will is not taken into any consideration, therefore is commonly accepted that he is accountable for nothing. That is a position that suits me well.

My fiance' has bought her dress. I cannot see it.
I wanted to buy my own suit, but she does not trust my
aesthetic sense so she told me that I can buy whatever I want, as long as it is approved by two "fashionable" friends of us.
I guess I should say goodbye to the idea to show up dressed up with my flowery Magnum PI-like shirt.

What I should not forget is that in September we have to go through the priest inquiry: the"processino". You can translate this term as "little trial" or "small judgement".
My best guess is that they put you in a (dark) room and ask you when, where and why we met and stuff like that.

I am a bit nervous about the inquiry because last time I heard a priest talking about trial, he was talking about “Inquisition”. 
I hope they stopped using torture to obtain confessions.
I cannot stand torture. It really bothers me quite.
Just the idea of a small inquisition trial, with small torture tools makes, and small pain me sick.
If he leads me to a dungeon for the inquiry I will confess
straight away anything (I can even invent stuff, if I think that it helps).

Do you have any idea what this "processino" is about?
I just learn that everything will take place on the 11th of September. 
That's great: perfect day to deal with fervent religious devouts! 

Song: St. Vincent- Marry Me.